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Who do you trust: an ad or a friend?

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As online and offline media becomes more and more ad-cluttered, the personal recommendation stands out as the, by far, most trustworthy way of reaching your customers. In a Nielsen survey, 90 % ranked a “recommendation from someone i know” as trustworthy. Check out the awesome infographic here.

A little movie about Showmybuy

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We’ve been telling you all along just how easy it is to show your buy. (it really is) And how easy it is to offer Showmybuy to your customers. (like abc) And we’ve probably been telling you something like “everybody wins” (which is true, you all do) But, you know, action speaks louder than words,…

Pay with a tweet

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We’ve seen a number of solutions now where you can pay for small stuff by tweeting. The latest is Kellogg’s Special K campaign in the UK, a slick pop-up shop where you can buy their new product with a tweet instead of pounds or cents. Great idea and execution. Social Currency is king!