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The 7 species of Social commerce – and why Showmybuy is different

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In this article from Mashable you’ll find a great overview of the different forms of social e-commerce. What the article doesn’t mention, is what’s in it for the consumer. Showmybuy is unique in this sense, as it allows webshops to reward their customers for their recommendations in social media. And this, is why we say…

Functionality updates! Showmybuy now launches Flyout Before Purchase and Vouchers

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We’re now launching two functionality updates that all webshops can benefit from. Firstly, the flyout with the offer to your customer can now be placed on several pages before payment, for example on your landing page or on pages with special offers, as well as after payment. Use the new function to match your customers’…

Pay with a tweet

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We’ve seen a number of solutions now where you can pay for small stuff by tweeting. The latest is Kellogg’s Special K campaign in the UK, a slick pop-up shop where you can buy their new product with a tweet instead of pounds or cents. Great idea and execution. Social Currency is king!