Showmybuy enters global partnership with Tradedoubler

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Great news! We have just entered a global partnership with Tradedoubler allowing them to promote Showmybuy’s services on a partner level. Tradedoubler is a highly successful performance marketing company, doing business in more than 40 countries with brands such as Expedia and CDON.

Nils Lindhe, Regional Director, Nordics, Tradedoubler, about Showmybuy: “Initial tests show that Showmybuy delivers high conversion rates, helping brands convert engaged consumers on social media platforms into paying customers. We believe that social shopping is going to be enormously important for all online stores.”

Read the swedish press release here, and the english press release here.

We are very excited and looking forward to a good partnership!

Showmybuy CTO and Co-founder Niclas at the Online Marketing & E-handel 2013

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Last week Showmybuy was at the Online Marketing & E-handel Summit 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. Niclas Lindberg, CTO and Co-founder, was invited to the seminar to share his views on social e-commerce. Niclas held a well-visited and very appreciated talk on how social shopping works and how both webshops and their customers can benefit. Niclas backed up his thoughts with some very real growth numbers (up to 30 %) for webshops that use social shopping right. The session ended with a short but lively and fulfilling Q&A. All in and all it was a great experience and we hope that everyone had a good time and that we sparked some innovative ideas. Thanks to the Online Marketing & E-handel Summit for having us!

Have a look at Niclas’ presentation on Slideshare.

Webshop providers’ choice: innovation or starvation?

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What can webshop providers do to fight their way up the e-commerce business value chain? The business of hosting webshops have become one of fierce price competition, where decisions are based mostly on price, and webshop providers are left with a fragment of their true earning potential. Niclas Lindberg analyzes the situation in this article, and gives some valuable advice.

Twitter boosts online sales

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We love twitter, and we all have our personal user patterns – we keep up with what’s happening, we get the latest news and of course we discuss, network and socialize. Twitter is also an excellent way to promote your business and have a relation with your customers. But did you know that Twitter is great for boosting online sales? A new study, made by research firm Compete over 75 days with retail sites such as Walmart, Apple and Amazon shows that Twitter is indeed a very good way to increase your sales.

Not only are Twitter users in general 33% more likely to shop online than overall Internet viewers, they also respond really well to retail tweets. Twitter users who saw either an organic or paid retail tweet purchased online at a 39 percent clip, beating the 27 percent of overall Internet users who bought something, according to the study.

We kind of knew this already, as we see really good results from consumers using Twitter to show their buy, but it’s nice to see a larger study confirming it. Go have a look at the article here.

And, if you’re not following Showmybuy on Twitter yet, meet us here. Talk soon!

You can now install Showmybuy in 30 minutes – we just launched 2.0

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Hello friends, we’ve just launched a major update, making the Showmybuy experience even smoother and faster. And, it’s a lot faster to install. With the new Javascript based API and multiple products support you can be up and running – with manual handling of the deals – in just 30 minutes.

Also included in the new update is a developer test tool, giving developers a great overview in their integration work. We hope you like the new features, making Showmybuy even better and a lot faster to install.

Talk soon!

50 % of web sales from social media in 2015

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Mashable has put together a great infographic on just how fast business use is growing on Facebook. The numbers are staggering, for example they predict that social commerce will reach $30 billion by 2015, and today 36 % of users post brand-related content on their walls. And, that is without any reward, like we can offer.

Have a look over at Mashable, or read a swedish article about it in Resume.

The future is looking bright indeed. Have a great weekend!

Fyndiq runs Showmybuy

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Nice article on Swedish site Internetworld about the smart e-commerce site Fyndiq, that are just about to launch Showmybuy in their store. We are incredibly excited and are looking forward to boosting Fyndiq’s sales! Read the whole article here.

Customers say: “Better than advertising!”

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Wow! Swedish media and marketing daily Dagens Media ran a good article yesterday on current trends in social media, marketing and social shopping. They pinpoint word-of-mouth marketing in social media as the next big thing. 4 out of 5 (!) people in the article would consider showing what they bought to their friends in social media. They’re also kind enough to name us as new up-and-comers…

The article is only in Dagens Media’s paper version so far, but you can read it here.

Who do you trust: an ad or a friend?

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As online and offline media becomes more and more ad-cluttered, the personal recommendation stands out as the, by far, most trustworthy way of reaching your customers. In a Nielsen survey, 90 % ranked a “recommendation from someone i know” as trustworthy. Check out the awesome infographic here.

A little movie about Showmybuy

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We’ve been telling you all along just how easy it is to show your buy. (it really is) And how easy it is to offer Showmybuy to your customers. (like abc) And we’ve probably been telling you something like “everybody wins” (which is true, you all do) But, you know, action speaks louder than words, so here’s a little movie as well.