Why media and brands are panicking about Adblockers. And why Showmybuy is a relevant alternative

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It is estimated that as much as 198 million people use adblockers, and the number of users is rising fast, especially since Apple came forward and supported adblocker in their new iOS last year.

Adobe estimates that as much as $21.8 billion in global ad revenue was blocked last year. This is a staggering number. So what are media companies and advertisers doing about it? An obvious solution would be to create less annoying advertising. One way is to different forms of  branded content, that flies under the adblockers’ radar but still gets brand’s messages to the consumers, albeit in more subtle ways that before.

For webshops, an obvious solution is to let their customers help them out, and show their products to their friends. After all, if your friend bought a product from a webshop, you’re at least somewhat likely to be interested in that product. And even if you’re not interested in that exact product, you are likely trusting your friend’s choice of webshop, and will have a positive impression of that webshop the next time you’re browsing for a similar product. This is the beauty of Showmybuy: Friends helping friends (and being rewarded for it) and webshops getting better and more relevant advertising (without having to worry about adblockers).

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