Functionality updates! Showmybuy now launches Flyout Before Purchase and Vouchers

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We’re now launching two functionality updates that all webshops can benefit from. Firstly, the flyout with the offer to your customer can now be placed on several pages before payment, for example on your landing page or on pages with special offers, as well as after payment. Use the new function to match your customers’ behavior in your webshop, and increase your conversion rate with Showmybuy even more.

With the second update, Vouchers, you can create discount reward deals even faster and easier than before. This new function automatically distributes discount coupons as rewards to your customers – at no extra cost.

It is extremely simple to use: Upload your discount codes to your Showmybuy account, from an Excel sheet. Then create a normal deal using those uploaded discount codes as reward, and you’re good to go. When a customer has attracted the required amount of friends to your webshop, Showmybuy automatically distributes your discount code as a reward to that customer. When it’s time for a coupon refill, you will get a reminder email. If your webshop doesn’t support unique discount codes, don’t worry! We also support sending a generic code for each reward.

Go and try out the new updates today, and start boosting your sales even more!

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