Go to the movies for free or get the chance to win millions with Showmybuy

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We’re now upgrading Showmybuy with new rewards, where consumers are awarded from a third party, such as gift cards for a movie night or a scratch lottery ticket, when they show their purchase. Many of our customers have asked for other rewards than what they can offer in their webshops, and of course we want to meet that demand. Depending on the value of the reward, webshops can set different demands on how many visits the customer needs to generate. Launching in Sweden, we offer gift cards from SF cinema and the scratch lottery ticket Triss from start, but we have more exciting cooperations in the pipeline and will soon start to roll out third party awards in our other markets as well.

Third party awards also make Showmybuy even easier to implement as the webshop only needs to add a small update on the post purchase page. Webshops can create campaigns and adjust rewards and demands as they see trends in their customer behavior and don’t have to wait for the IT department to implement the changes. Rewards from the webshop itself, such as free shipping, discounts or bonus points, are integrated with the web shops as usual.

As a user you can see the new rewards in the control panel when you’re logged in. Look under Deals in the menu and click Use Reward to start boosting your business today. Enjoy!

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