Twitter boosts online sales

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We love twitter, and we all have our personal user patterns – we keep up with what’s happening, we get the latest news and of course we discuss, network and socialize. Twitter is also an excellent way to promote your business and have a relation with your customers. But did you know that Twitter is great for boosting online sales? A new study, made by research firm Compete over 75 days with retail sites such as Walmart, Apple and Amazon shows that Twitter is indeed a very good way to increase your sales.

Not only are Twitter users in general 33% more likely to shop online than overall Internet viewers, they also respond really well to retail tweets. Twitter users who saw either an organic or paid retail tweet purchased online at a 39 percent clip, beating the 27 percent of overall Internet users who bought something, according to the study.

We kind of knew this already, as we see really good results from consumers using Twitter to show their buy, but it’s nice to see a larger study confirming it. Go have a look at the article here.

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